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BUSC Youth Academy Mission Statement

The mission of BUSC, is to provide a joyful soccer experience for children of all ages and backgrounds. By creating a positive environment, that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork while teaching proficiency in soccer skills and knowledge of the game.  We do so in a manner that promotes opportunities to socialize and network with other players and families in the club and the soccer community in general.

If you need to contact us, please feel free to do so at:

Wilbert Maximore

Wilbert Maximore

BUSC Executive Director of Coaching

Phone: 918-960-0718

OK Energy FC Office Address:
OK Energy FC
4931 S. Mingo RD Suite E
Tulsa, OK. 74146

OK Energy FC Mailing Address:

OK Energy FC
P.O. Box 703035
Tulsa, OK 74170-3035
(918) 298-5976

OK Energy FC Board

President - Andy Richardson                                
Vice-President - Travis Featherstone
Secretary - Roger Holder                                
Treasurer - Jim Hill            
Competitive League Commissioner - Brian Turner