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NSCAA Member Club

NSCAA Member Club

Why did BUSC become an NSCAA Member Club?

BUSC knew we would benefit from joining the World's Largest Network of Soccer Coaches. The items in the list below are just a few of the many reasons that our membership to the NSCAA would benefit Blitz United Soccer Club.

  • Opportunity to hire better coaches and provide continuing coaching education through discounted NSCAA courses, services and benefits.
  • Additional insurance protection for the club and coaches with the automatic NSCAA professional liability coverage, provided to each member of the NSCAA.
  • Utilize your club's education voucher to recognize a dedicated coach with the opportunity to attend an NSCAA Residential course.
  • Recognition as an affiliate of the largest soccer coaches' organization in the world and the leading organization dedicated of serving the needs of soccer coaches.
  • Recruit better players with the ability to say all club coaches are members of the NSCAA.
  • Increase club visibility and networking through Member Club logo usage, listing on and events such as the NSCAA Convention.

All BUSC Coaches (Competitive, Academy, and Recreational) receive a $15 discount on individual membership with the NSCAA.  Individual membership with the NSCAA has some great benefits, which include:


To renew or sign up for a membership, all you have to do is click here.

For the BUSC discount code or additional information on this partnership between BUSC and the NSCAA please email