OK Energy FC Payments

Can be mailed to:

All Checks made payable to: BUSC

Blitz United Soccer Club
PO Box 471077
Tulsa OK. 74147-1077
For billing or statement questions, please contact Brian Turner at

OK Energy FC Competitive Managers & Treasurers

Coaches Travel/Per Diem for All Tournaments and League Teams

Coach Travel and Per Diem

  • For all SRPL, NPL, OPL, and OCL teams
  • Mileage expense is calculated at the 2017 IRS rate of .535 per mile


League game day for all games outside of Tulsa Metro Area: (OPL and OCL)

  • Ex…Edmond, NOKC, Southlakes, Bartlesville, Ponca City, etc.…
  • Mileage expense is calculated at the 2017 IRS rate of .535 per mile, no hotel accommodations


Weekend/Tournament: (SRPL, NPL, and USYS National League)

  • Mileage expense calculated at .535 per mile for the weekend, plus hotel accommodations.


The above is used to cover food, gas, toll, mileage, and a rental car if needed.

Teams should also be prepared to cover the cost of a flight for the coach. Example being, anything over 8 hours one-way.

If more than one team is traveling to an event, expenses should be shared by all teams.

Coach should be paid prior to travel to the event.

Region III Championships & Region III Presidents Cup Regional Info

Hotel Coordinator for OK Energy FC Travel

For Hotel Information Please Contact:

Lindsey LaZaroff