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OK Energy FC and Successful Sporting Events

OK Energy FC has partnered with Successful Sporting Events as the official housing company for all club travel. Headquartered in Tulsa and specializing in soccer, Successful Sporting Events handles the logistics of all tournament hotel accommodations working with the hotels, tournament directors and individual teams to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

In addition, Successful Sporting Events handles all team travel to all SRPL and non-stay to play tournaments. Hotels are hand sourced to ensure all teams are in the best areas with the best amenities for the best rate.

‚Äč“OK Energy FC has hired Successful Sporting Events to handle all club hotel accommodations when traveling. When traveling to an SRPL event or a non-stay to play tournament, Successful Sporting Events will source your hotel based up the team needs and sign the contract on your behalf so that the team is not held liable for unused rooms. They will be your point of contact with the hotel and will be available to call should you have issues when traveling. They also set up your booking arrangements. This service is complimentary to all teams. Successful Sporting Events books across the country and are the experts in their field to get lower rates and amenities.

To book a hotel for a specific event please go to or you may contact


Lindsey LaZaroff
Successful Sporting Events

Team Expenses:

These will be set based on your teams tournament plans and league travel.  These will include referee fee's, tournament entry fee's, coach per diem, etc...These will be paid monthly, along with your training fee's.

The below section contains forms and documents that are useful to all Players, Parents, Team Managers, and Coaches.  Click on the below links to download the documents needed.

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