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OK Energy FC Tryout Homepage

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Oklahoma Energy FC Pre-Tryout Camp and Tryouts

Cost $30 per player 
Payment and Registration will be available at each field.
A portion to help fund the OK Energy Scholarship Fund

May 25-26, 2017 

The OK Energy FC Pre-Tryout Camp is a fun experience for players of any level to work with the best coaches in Oklahoma on individual skills, team play, and game strategy. For those who are interested in joining OK Energy FC for the 2017/18 Soccer Year, the Camp will provide an opportunity for players to work directly with our coaches and other players in their age group in preparation for the day of tryouts.

5:30pm at Alsuma Soccer Complex (51st and Mingo)
2007 Boys Field 2
2007 Girls Field 3
2005 Boys Field 1
2005 Girls Field 4 South
2004 Boys Field 4 North
2004 Girls Field 4 South
7:00pm at Alsuma Soccer Complex (51st and Mingo)
2006 Girls Field 2
2006 Boys Field 3
2002/2003 Boys Field 1 South
2002/2003 Girls Field 1 North
2001-1999 Boys and Girls Field 4

Oklahoma Energy FC Tryouts

May 30-31 and June 1-2, 2017 

Coaches, Teams, and Times Coming Soon!

Oklahoma Energy FC Signing Day June 3, 2017
This is the first day that players and families are allowed to sign with a club.

All paperwork should be dated June 3, 2017, no earlier.


Registration Due at Tryouts:

Online Registration and payment will be available and open June 3, 2017 at 12:01am

Oklahoma Energy FC 2017/18 Online Player Registration

$250.00 USYS Registration and OSA Membership Fee (per player)

$90.00 Monthly Training Fee (Collected for July 2017 per player)

$120.00 OK Energy FC Membership and Administrative Fee (Due Sept. 1) per player

  • Training fees are $1080 (July-June), collected over 12 months at $90 per month
  • Annual USYS registration fee is reduced by $25 for each additional player for families of two or more registering with OK Energy FC.


About the Partnership...

When does the Oklahoma Energy FC Partnership begin?
At tryouts May 30-June 2, 2017
How does it affect Blitz United Soccer Club?
Business as usual.  It will not affect our day to day operations, teams will still practice at Alsuma, and the new Titan Sports Complex.  Games will remain at Titan, Mohawk, Alsuma, etc...
How does it affect Blitz United Soccer Club individual teams?
Name will change, uniforms will change, we will register as one club across Oklahoma.  Individual teams, coaches, and staff coaches are not going to change.
What leagues will our teams play in?
All current leaguing will remain the same, if your team plays in OCL, OPL, and SRPL.
How does this benefit Blitz United Soccer Club as a whole?
This will help us establish a clear path for our players who want to play at higher levels.  As the constant evolving of leagues continues, our numbers and state wide presence will allow us as a club every opportunity.


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